TESTIMONIALS / Real Estate Investment


"Nuvo’s team is very knowledgeable in real estate investment and management, professional and only look for the opportunities that promise good returns. I felt very confident with their attention to detail in analyzing the investment, research of the local market, and thorough understanding and communication of the benefits and risks of the opportunity.  I feel comfortable that my investment expectations will be met with Nuvo at the helm of the investment. I am in numerous investments with Nuvo and can't say enough good." 

- Sandeep Agarwal , Dubai

"As an investor I am constantly searching for solid investment opportunities and the ones presented by Nuvo team always rise to the top. I have invested in 3 commercial offices projects and each has met or exceeded Nuvo’s well-calculated projections.  Nuvo is a conscientious investor which maintains discipline in their underwriting and strategy, to which their success is testament."  

- Madhu, Singapore

”I am a cautious investor with a number of real estate investments in my portfolio. I have participated in numerous investment opportunities offered by team Nuvo over the past few years. The ROI in all cases has been very positive with returns exceeding the initial business plans. Nuvo’s knowledge and attention to market opportunities and risk management has been instrumental in their success and good performance over the years. " 

- Varun Gupta , Mumbai

“Nuvo is very good at managing our investments and looking after our whole real estate ecosystem. They understand our family dynamics and relationships, educate our next generation and help us effectively manage our family councils and trustees. I would anytime recommended Nuvo to other families.” 

- CEO, A Family Office, Mumbai

"Nuvo's team not only uncovers and develops great opportunities, but also are meticulous in every detail.  As an inherently skeptical guy, I'm impressed that the deals just flat out make sense."

- Deepak, London 

"I'm also consistently impressed with the communication - the team Nuvo is accessible, candid, and patient.  It all adds up to the return vs. risk being tremendously attractive, and I'm happy to have worked with such great people knowledgeable in real estate investment management”

- Manisha Shah, New Jersey