Nuvo's Difference

Alignment of Interests

Our decisions are guided by decades of experience and a focus on what’s best for the investor. We co-invest alongside our investor partners, setting the stage for mutual success. Our compensation depends on this shared success.

Real estate is an insider’s game, and we are the ultimate insider

With more than 100 combined years of real estate investment experience, our professional team creates a superior end-to-end investment experience that’s backed by industry expertise. We are always readily available to help, as you and your investments are our number one priority.

Proprietary Research

Our Research Group utilizes proprietary research models to analyze trends across global markets in an effort to better anticipate cycles. This plays an integral role in shaping our investment strategies and informing investment decisions. 

Proven Track record and credibility

We have track record of providing more than 500% returns on our investments over a period of decade. We get the curated deals for your investments that shall provide great returns on the investments.

Hands-On Execution

We are a global fiduciary and a local operator. We directly execute our real estate strategies through our on ground professionals to better control the investment performance.

Local Expertise

Our presence in all major Indian cities and our global offices provide an unparalleled base of local knowledge and operating expertise that provides the basis for successful deal sourcing, investment and operation services.