Nuvo’s investors are able to benefit from the company’s expertise and obtain direct exposure to the financial benefits of property development.

Nuvo has formed partnerships with land owners and developers to acquire land and construct properties in joint ventures. We are well connected with developers who are keen to joint venture on property development projects. These projects are in areas of high demand and offer profitable joint development opportunities.

Our investors typically select projects based on their risk profile and investment horizon. Investors seeking shorter term returns have the opportunity to participate in our “Build to Sell” development projects, while those with a longer investment horizon and the desire for recurring income are able to participate in our “Build to Rent” opportunities. As a privately held investment company, we have the flexibility and creativity to be the right partner for a wide variety of projects.

For larger & institutional investors:

Whether you have an existing site you’d like to develop, or you want to source a site with development potential, our development team can advise you on the best way to finance, acquire, plan and manage your project through to completion. If the thought of having to deal with real estate agents, architects, builders, council workers, tradesmen and a multitude of other consultants along the way is making you hesitant to start your development dream, engage a team of experts to do the leg work for you, while you remain in control of your own development project. 

Should you require further information on these opportunities, please email us at