Nuvo provides a complete, courteous, reliable & professional asset management. Our team is built of experts who understand the property investor’s specific requirements and believe and follow integrity, commitment, transparency – the business philosophy of Nuvo Real Estate.

Marketing & Leasing

Active marketing and effective leasing is one of Nuvo’s core strengths. We understand the requirements of business owners & corporate clients leasing our portfolio properties and are able to maximise the rental income. We have twin goals of making sure the tenant is retained and the investment of our investors is protected.

We also have our own marketing capabilities and a network of associates for finding the most suitable buyer when the investment needs to be exited.

Property Management

We view excellent property management as an integral part of the real estate business and our competence in this area is apparent across our portfolio of properties.

Our professional teams on the ground operate efficiently and are effective in up keeping high-specification, sustainable properties. We handle renovations, furnishings and disputes if any.

For managing your real estate assets, please write to us at